Hurricane season is no joke — nobody knows that better than residents of New Orleans and the surrounding areas. Over the years, we have survived our fair share of storms and weather calamities, and we are all the better prepared for them. However, this year, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicts a busier than usual hurricane season. What does that mean for us? Prepare, prepare, prepare! 

Taking the necessary precautions is the best way to come out of a vicious storm with as little damage as possible. By now, we’re sure you have an extensive checklist of everything you need to do in case of an emergency but are air conditioning preps on your hurricane to-do list? 

For many homeowners, this is the last thing on their minds. However; this important investment deserves to be cared for, especially during a dangerous storm. 

Use this handy-dandy guide to learn how to prepare your AC for hurricane season and beyond! 

Keep Up With Routine Maintenance

If you want top-tier performance from your air conditioner, you’ll need to start preparing before hurricane season. 

Experts recommend scheduling AC tune-ups twice a year. A great time to service your unit is before the weather gets hot, and in the fall before the cold winter begins. 

Routine maintenance limits wear and tear, which can cause substantial damage during a hurricane. 

Tips for Protecting Your Air Conditioner Before a Storm Hits

Modern technology makes it possible to track hurricanes and issue warnings in a timely manner. If you know a tropical storm is on its way, you need to start prepping immediately. Once the windows are boarded or hurricane shutters are in place and you have food, water, important documents, and emergency supply kits stowed in a safe place, turn your attention to the AC system. Here’s how to prepare your AC for a hurricane.

Turn It Off

Hurricanes are known for causing some serious power outages in the New Orleans area, which is why so many homeowners use home generator systems. This doesn’t mean your appliances are automatically protected from power surges, though, especially if your unit is in need of maintenance. For absolute certainty, it’s best to turn your air conditioner off at the breaker or unplug the system until the storm is over. 

Clean It Up

Don’t leave any objects lying around in your yard. Your child’s toys or outdoor furniture flying around can cause serious damage to your AC unit when it’s hit at 75+ MPH. Take some time to clean your porch and backyard, bringing all unsecured outdoor equipment indoors. 

Cover It Up

For extra protection, purchase a high-quality AC cover and make sure it’s properly installed before the storm starts. Plenty of things outside of your control could be swept away by the wind and hit your outdoor unit. Additionally, high winds and heavy rain can damage delicate internal components, such as fan blades. The AC cover will act as a shield from flying debris. 

Check the Hurricane Straps

How to Check Hurricane Straps infographic

Cool Your Home Before the Storm

Part of preparing your AC for a hurricane is turning the unit off during a storm to avoid damage caused by a potential power surge. But how do you stay comfortable through the humid weather without AC? The key is to cool your home down before the storm arrives. 

Set the thermostat a few degrees cooler than usual, and let the air conditioner cool your home before the storm. Then, keep the cool air trapped indoors by sealing all windows and doors shut and closing blinds and curtains as an added layer of protection. 

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With these air conditioning preparation tips, your unit should be more resistant to hurricanes or severe storm damage. If you do need emergency air conditioning repair, a generator, or electrical services in New Orleans and the surrounding areas, you know who to call!

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