As common as power outages can be, they are at times unpredictable, and you really can never be sure when your power will turn back on. Residents of Louisiana know all too well about the difficulties of living through the loss of power and how important it is to know what to do during a power outage. 

Even if you aren’t living in a neighborhood prone to heavy rains and dangerous storms, it’s always good to know what you should and shouldn’t do during a power outage. Keeping even a few of these tips handy can make a massive difference if you lose power.

Before a Power Outage

The best time to find out what to do during a power outage is before one occurs. Consider creating a checklist of essential items for your home and activities you want to have completed before the outage occurs. You won’t always have advance notice of an impending outage or storm, but having a list can make it a thousand times easier for you to adapt to the circumstances.

Charge Devices

Charge your phones, laptops, and other electronic devices up before an outage so you aren’t scrambling for battery power and can stay on top of any alerts. A car with plenty of gas can always be used to charge your devices, but you want that to be the last resort.

Prepare Your Home

The best way to prepare for a power outage is to avoid one in the first place. A standby generator can power your whole home or just a few crucial appliances. Make sure your generator has enough fuel, so you don’t have to run to the gas station in the middle of a storm. A portable generator is a good backup but doesn’t offer the same amenities and comfort as a standby generator.

Avoid carbon monoxide poisoning and stay alert for any fire hazards by ensuring both detectors have fresh batteries. Contact your health care provider about any electrical devices you have, and gather a few backup heating or cooling alternatives for your home.

During a Power Outage

During a power outage, you want to gather your things, pay attention to media sources for emergency information about your area, and await further instructions. In the meantime, follow a few of these tips to help keep your home safe during a power outage.

Keep Your Refrigerator and Freezer Closed

Another thing you should never do during a power outage is open and close your fridge and freezer often, as it speeds up the food spoiling process. Any perishable foods should be stored in your freezer, so enter your refrigerator first before turning to your freezer, and keep your food cold for as long as possible.

Keep Consumption to a Minimum

Using your phone, laptop, car, or other devices for anything except for emergencies is another thing you should never do during a power outage. Instead of using flashlights everywhere, consider lighting a few candles if you need light in a room for an extended period of time. Try to keep drinking water and food consumption light as well.

After a Power Outage

After a power outage, it’s time to celebrate! When you’re done jumping for joy, take stock of your home and restore everything back to normal.

Check Appliances

The first thing you want to do is make sure your appliances are back and working correctly. Plug in any unplugged devices and reset any timed devices. Head to your fridge and restore your food items to their original place or throw out items that have spoiled.

Be Safe!

Never touch any downed power lines around the area. Don’t forget to check on friends, family, and neighbors who might have been affected by the outage or would love an update on your condition. If you have electrical issues or need repairs on your heating and cooling systems, consider reaching out to your local electrical company for emergency service ASAP.

Don’t Get Caught Off-Guard By a Power Outage

Power outages don’t wait for you to gather your things. Consider preparing for a power outage with a whole-home generator installation done by an HVAC technician that knows a thing or two about staying safe and comfortable in the dark. Reach out to Keef’s A/C, Heating, and Electrical for home electrical repair services or other needs before and after your power outage. 

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